[SLV-Wake] Quick notes on working with texts, buskers, and engaging the audience

Working with texts as a dancer with buskers on the pavements in the improv setting is really challenging. Somehow I hope that it happens again next time, and see if we can all deal with it better.

It also reminds me of the only moving theatre work I did few years ago. On the second night there was a ballet performance in the same park we performed in. We didn’t have mic and all the sound effects and dialogues were at least 45% lost.

I hoped that I did better in engaging the audience.

Maybe if we had more repetitions in texts or if I could initiate more interactions instead of sticking with the mind as a dancer it would help.

I actually liked the fact that sometimes I suddenly dropped the performative quality and just stepped out and started again.

I feel like I should probably be a medium between the texts and the audience a little bit more. I feel like I failed a little bit in that sense. I mean, cause both Clinton and Shani had to bring the book with them, their hands were more occupied than I did.
What worked in engagement:

1. Clinton’s envelope

2. The instrument (with encouragement and share)

3. Moving towards the audience members

Always some residual regrets even if generally feel quite good in the end. XD

But I did see a few random people who really sat there and watched for more than 20 minutes, with smiles as well.

That’s a big thing. 😀

– Chun-liang

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