testamentMoe Chee and Jen Callaway “Testament of the Trinity” cassette (Alberts Basement, 2017) – This recording documents the sixth day of Moe Chee’s seven day public space performance piece End of April, Beginning of May (2015). Recorded in front of the State Library Victoria, Testament of the Trinity takes place around midnight on a Friday night in Melbourne, incorporating a streetscape of late-night revellers & Christian preachers. Moe Chee weave and interact through it all, with guest performer Jen Callaway (of Is There A Hotline?, Hi-God People and more). Cassette is produced with two alternative covers.

Available from Alberts Basement and Shame File Music.

Moe Chee “Be It Hot, Humid or Ghostly Cold” CDR/digital (Shame File Music, 2018) – Recorded in the streets and various locations around Taipei in 2015 (except for the last track, recorded on a Walkman distributed to the audience during a 2016 participatory Moe Chee performance in Melbourne), Be It Hot, Humid or Ghostly Cold is an amalgam of  field recording, public space performance, conversation, and explorations of the potential for creativity and musicality in everyday life. Limited edition of 50 CDs in covers designed and handmade by Tasmanian artist, Anna Dusk, as well as digital download.

Available from Shame File Music.