Ruh Café, Kaohsiung, 10 July 2015

Our performance began in Ruh Café before migrating across the road to Birthday Park. With guests Fang-Yi and Feng-Chen Hseih.


The Moe Chee performance with Clinton Green in July seems to be a dream. It had been a hectic month for me (and the following days were only more chaotic). I was under tremendous pressure. But this is still one of my favourite performance for so many reasons. I was terrible in being with another person for more than six hours since I was born. It was the day when the typhoon came and lots of the trains were canceled. The typhoon was supposed to hit the South more than the North but for some reasons it detoured to the North. We had the most beautiful wind on that day. And we still managed to go back to Taipei, just right after everything went back to peace.

Definitely one of my favourite performance for so many reasons. But the most important thing is, I love the wind on that day so much. It’s the kind of wind you would only witness and feel when the typhoon comes – Chun-liang