End of April. Beginning of May.

A 7 day improvised public space performance project by 默契 (Moe Chee) and guest artists.

Photo: Carmen Chan
Photo: Carmen Chan


– We are guided by the idea of 默契.

– We perform every day for 7 consecutive days, at different times of the day/night

– We perform without permission.

– We perform rain, hail or shine.

– We seek interaction with audiences/passersby, but we do not force it.

– We embrace potential confrontations without provoking them.

– We improvise within pre-agreed structures, rules, and concepts.

Venue: State Library of Victoria forecourt, Swanston St, Melbourne.


– Sunday 3 May, 3pm – 默契 – video

– Monday 4 May, dawn – 默契 with anonymous – video

– Tuesday 5 May, 9am – 默契

– Wednesday 6 May, 12pm – 默契 with Ren Walters – video

– Thursday 7 May, 3am (Friday morning) -默契 with Gabriela Green – video

– Friday 8 May, 11pm – 默契 with Jennifer Callaway – video

– Saturday 9 May, 4pm-sunset – 默契 with Shani Holmes, and picnic for guest artists and audience.

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