Moe Chee is alive

Hi everyone, we are still alive and creating.

Clinton is having his residency in Tasmania. I (Chun-liang) am currently in Milan after a three-week collaboration with Teatro de los Sentidos in Pistoia, Italy.

We’re working on our field recordings in Taiwan and will release it as soon as the work is done. A marvellous visual artist have been invited to create our cover.

Also a very quick shout out to people in Tokyo in Taiwan. There will be a moechee gig on 31 October in Tokyo at Apollo. And a small MoeChee tour in Taiwan in January 2018.

See you soon!



“Testament of the Trinity” cassette out now

We’ve been talking about what we’ve been calling our debut album for a while now, Be It Hot, Humid or Otherwise, which continues to edge towards release. But it turns out this won’t be our debut, because this cassette release on the Alberts Basement label has snuck out first.


Testament of the Trinity is in fact the debut Moe Chee release. This cassette features the audio of this video, documenting the Day 6 performance of our 7 day public space event End of April, Beginning of May (2015). Jen Callaway was our guest performer that night outside the State Library, and she also edited the video together. The cassette has two different covers, each featuring images taken from stills of the video.

I had thought previously that the soundscape captured in Jen’s video edit was really interesting and could be something in itself, but it took Michael of Alberts Basement to suggest its release and make it happen.

You can listen to a sample below. The cassette can be purchased from either Alberts Basement or Shame File Music.

The music/sound of Be It Hot, Humid or Otherwise has been completed, and Tasmanian-based artist, Anna Dusk, is currently working on the artwork for a short edition of individually handmade CDRs for the album. It should be out later this year – Clinton.