[End of April. Beginning of May] Carmen Chan’s reflections

“This is my personal summary of my experience with 默契 earlier this month. The doing of art, performance in public space, being comfortable, being challenged, being myself and finding my place, working with others, hanging out with others, under a common goal.

“In finer details of this clip [spoiler alert], I loved being ‘told off’ at about 3’10”, being silently challenged by crazy girl Chun-liang when she lay on top of me for half the video clip, the guitar guy in the ‘background’, and the reading: beginning with Clinton’s continuous flow, punctuated by conversations, its intensity eventually building as Shani and Ren joined in respectively and a nearby baby started squealing – as the clip fades out.

“Meanwhile the skies are blue and the clouds rolled by.”

Skies from Carmen Chan on Vimeo.

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